Siwak natural toothbrush and washable cotton pouch - CROWNS
Siwak natural toothbrush and washable cotton pouch - CROWNS

Siwak natural toothbrush and washable cotton pouch - CROWNS

The Siwak or Miswak with washable cotton carrying pouch, an excellent alternative to the disposable toothbrush and chemical toothpaste. It is a small stick whose richness is found in its fibers. Studies have shown that they contain proportionally and naturally several organic substances ideal for oral hygiene such as calcium, phosphorus, saponin, silicon, vitamin C, fluoride, and many more ... These side by side form a real natural toothbrush. Used in the Middle East for several centuries before J-C, it is renowned for its medicinal and especially antibacterial properties.

Ecological, economical, natural, hygienic, efficient, practical and compostable, it is zero waste for the planet.



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Pouch: 3 x 23 cm / Siwak: a segment of about 15 cm.

Handmade clutch by Môme Sweet Môme

Transport pouch + 1 Siwak (Origin: Saudi Arabia in original packaging)


100% Oeko-Tex cotton / Pressure in Oeko-Tex resin / WASH: in machine from 40 ° C

Chew one end (1 to 2 cm) for 1 to 2 minutes to remove the bark. * Chew the fibers so that they become tender and fine enough so that they can spread out slightly like a toothbrush. * Dip the filaments in a little water from your cup then rub your teeth up and down, from one tooth to another without pressing too hard. When brushing, its fibers easily enter the intervals of the teeth which makes it possible to clean them well. * Don't forget to clean the inside of your teeth as you would with an ordinary brush. * After a few days of use, cut the used filaments using a knife or scissors or your fingers and repeat the starting operation. * After each use, do not forget to rinse your stick well and place it in a glass, vertically (filaments up), in a clean and ventilated place. * Do not place it near a sink to avoid bacteria from splashing. * Stored in its washable cotton pouch, you can carry it with you, to work, while traveling, ... always available, it can be chewed at any time of the day. Never enclose it in a box or jar to prevent it from becoming moldy.

A treasure of nature! By itself, it replaces the disposable toothbrush and chemical toothpaste. Native to the Middle East, the Siwak (Miswak or araq stick depending on the region) is a stick of about 15 cm, coming from the root or branch of the Salvador Persica shrub which grows naturally in the deserts of the Middle East and Asia, and Bio because in the deserts agriculture is free of any chemical product. It has been used for several centuries before J-C. Used regularly, it provides white and shiny teeth, prevents bacteria from forming dental plaque, fights bad breath, prevents bleeding and strengthens the gums, fights cavities and their worsening, facilitates digestion. It can also help in abstaining from cigarettes in order to quit smoking. Scientifically tested and studied. In 1961, Dr ROWADART, a German researcher, demonstrated that Siwak powder attacks bacteria in the same way as penicillin (antibiotic). 7 years later, Dr F. FOSTER confirms these results and will use it personally and regularly. Since 1986, the WHO (National Health Organization) has recommended its use. In 2003, an American study concluded that its use was much more effective than the toothbrush. Studies have shown that Siwak fibers contain naturally and in an ideal proportion for oral hygiene several organic substances such as phosphorus, saponin, vitamin C, calcium, flavonoids, tannic acid, silicon, trimethylamine, fluoride, ... and many more.

Ecological, economical, natural, hygienic, efficient, practical and compostable, there is zero waste for our planet.

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