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  • Pacifier clip made of...
  • Dry hot water bottles...

    The cushion of cherry stones, an old Swiss remedy, also called hot water bottle.
    Once heated, the cherry kernels restore a cozy, soothing and relaxing warmth.
    It has the advantage of keeping this heat for a long time and does not cool as fast as a traditional hot water bottle.
    It is ideal for babies, children and the elderly as there is no danger associated with boiling water.

  • Washable paper towels

    Washable, ecological and economical paper towel, it is Zero-Waste for our planet . Reusable at will, it will replace your traditional paper towel.

  • Gloves for children...

    Ideal and practical, from the age of 3 years. Elasticated washcloth for learning to autonomy. Suitable for the hands of toddlers. Playful, it will allow them to wash themselves and make their toilet more fun.

  • Wooden teether with...
  • Baby's langes

    Very appreciated by toddlers as a blanket, light and fluid he sucks, nibbles, he is everywhere. It can be used as a bib during the first quenottes, as a headguard during the nap, for the change of baby or to protect it from the sun during strolls or simply as a blanket.

  • Washable wipes
  • Washable panty liner...

    The washable panty pads are tailored to the needs of each and every one of us. Comfortable and discreet, they will protect your intimate lingerie from the small inconveniences of everyday life. Ecological and economical, they are zero waste for our planet.

  • Washable hygienic...
  • Portable washable...
  • Washable peephole

    No more baby shower pee surprises! Ideal, original and washable tipi pee or STOP pee cone sponge arises on the zizi baby during the exchange to avoid any unexpected watering. Materials used Oeko-Tex