Washable sanitary napkin PIN-UP (M)
Washable sanitary napkin PIN-UP (M)

Washable sanitary napkin PIN-UP (M)

The washable sanitary napkin (SHL) is soft and comfortable to wear. Inner seams help direct the flow to the center. It brings comfort, discretion and protection. Ecological and economical, it is zero waste for our planet.

CONFECTION   : Handmade by Môme Sweet Môme



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DIMENSIONS: 24 x 21 cm (open fins)

COMPOSITION: 100% printed cotton (part in contact with lingerie) / Interior: absorbent core composed of 1 layer of absorbent cotton fleece Oeko-Tex + ** PUL Oeko-Tex waterproof and breathable / 100% organic cotton jersey ( part in contact with the skin). Adjustable closure: 2 Oeko-Tex resin pressures

MODEL: M (medium): suitable for rulers with normal and medium flow. Also at night, at the start and end of the cycle.

CONFECTION: Handmade by Môme Sweet Môme

MAINTENANCE: Rinse and soap in cold water before machine washing at 40 ° max. Do not use fabric softener (it reduces the absorption capacity), nor bleach. Tumble dryer to be avoided. Drying in the open air. A notice is included in your package.

* In case of stubborn stains: soak in cold water overnight then machine wash at 40 ° max.

FEATURE: The washable sanitary napkin (SHL) is fixed around your underwear and closes by pressure at the fins. The solid part is in contact with the skin. Interior seams help direct flow to the center. After use, it folds up on itself to be discreetly stored. It is an alternative to avoid all fungal infections and irritations.

Ecological and economical, it is "Zero Waste" for our planet.

** PUL: 100% polyester fabric, flexible and coated with polyurethane which makes it waterproof. Material also used for washable diapers.

** Oeko-Tex: guarantees the absence of substances harmful to health, skin and the environment.

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