PIN-UP ZOMBIE washable interlabial pad (pack of 7) Size L
PIN-UP ZOMBIE washable interlabial pad (pack of 7) Size L

PIN-UP ZOMBIE washable interlabial pad (pack of 7) Size L

The interlabial pad is a small, washable petal-shaped pad that folds in half or rolls like a tampon and is held in place between the lips (not inside the vagina). It is absorbent and helps reduce leaks, ... Ecological and economical, it is zero waste for our planet.

CONFECTION: Handmade by Môme Sweet Môme



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THEME: "PIN-UP ZOMBIE" (pack of 7)

DIMENSIONS : Size L.: 13 cm

COMPOSITION (3-ply): 100% printed cotton fabric (part in contact with lingerie) / Interior: ** very waterproof and breathable organic PUL /Exterior: one layer of 100% Oeko-Tex bamboo fleece (part in contact with the skin)

CONFECTION: Handmade by Môme Sweet Môme

MAINTENANCE: By hand or machine at 40° max in a net. Do not use softener (it reduces the absorption capacity). Drying in the open air

* In case of stubborn stains: Soak in cold water overnight then machine wash at 40° max. Do not use bleach

FEATURES: Helps reduce leakage when using tampons or cups. It can also be useful at night in case of large flows in association with a tampon or SHL and can help stop or channel the flow of blood that rises between the buttocks. Being an external product, it can not be worn during swimming but can be used during the shower. Remove it during urination to prevent it from falling into the toilet. It can dry out the skin in case of light flow or if it is worn too long, moisten it with water to reduce drying.

** PUL bio: 100% cotton fabric from organic farming coated with a waterproofing layer of Oeko-Tex polyurethane


Ecological and economic, it is "Zero Waste" for our planet.

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